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Stepping into the beginning of a New Year, we hope to enjoy more of success and share it with all our partners who have firmly believed in our abilities and encouraged us to continually challenge ourselves and increase our boundaries. Looking back, 2019 helped us grow to new heights. We faced and overcame several challenges with keen determination, open and brave hearts, and a strong sense of purpose. The outcome clearly shows that we were able to achieve more than what we aimed for!

Goals for 2019 Fulfilled

Our accomplishments, this time, are not just measured by the number of Institutions we successfully registered, or the number of Online Examination that we Conducted or the number of sleepless nights we spent preparing Market reports. In 2019, our focus was primarily on reducing our carbon footprint by embracing Paperless Processes, at reaching excellence in Customer Service, and at optimizing the existing Workflow. Keeping these goals in mind, we have been able to bring down our use of paper by almost 70%. We also succeeded in achieving a Customer Satisfaction rate of 98%. And our Workflow witnessed significant changes with more than 60% of the manual duties being automated. Goals fulfilled!

Main Company Achievements 2019

As a part of an extremely dynamic economic environment where competition keeps us on our toes, we are proud to share such remarkable results.

Company Achievements in Customer Service

We are proud to attain an Online Examination Success Rate of 99%– keeping IT Sector standards in mind, this is the highest. Partners who have tried opening corporate Offices would know that it is not an easy process these days. Many applications are declined because of inadequate knowledge of the documents or procedures. This is why professional support is such a high demand.

Our Project Management System also witnessed a considerable transformation which was aimed at optimizing and improving the system which resulted in reduced financial costs towards stationeries and also increased the efficiency of the organization by reducing the length of time spent in each Partners interaction.

We have grown 30% - and that is no coincidence!

We strongly believe that the biggest asset you can have in your business is your team. We encourage our employees to grow within the company and establish themselves as the pillars on which the success of the company rests. In 2019 alone, our employees have undergone 20 professional training courses and celebrated success in more than 20 parties together.