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Authorised Training Centre (ATC)

Become an Authorised Training Centre today to create and deliver valuable learning experience. Contact the Regional Certiport Distributor to learn more about the benefits of this global Our current ATCs, along with their current course authorizations are listed on our Training Locations interactive map. Please check with your nearest ATC for class timing, schedules and pricing.

Authorization to become an ATC is granted based on demonstrated instructional expertise as well as the institution’s overall ability to rovide quality training. ATCs recruit and train students, while examinations are organized and supervised by the Certiport India coordinator located in your State or region.

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Authorised Admission Center(AAC)

Deliver learning experiences on campus or in the classroom, develop student and educator curriculum and work with qualified educations to promote the adoption of Certiport products and solutions

Authorised Admission Center are facilitators for their prospective tudents, along with providing logistical support for the students from their centres.

  • Source students for our online & distance learning programs for Information Technology Study
  • Assist & facilitate prospective students to take admissions
  • Provide logistical support to the students enrolled through their respective centres. The AAC will play no role in
  • program delivery
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Authorised Exam Centre (AEC)

State-wise listing of examination centers for AEC 2019-20 Examination Centers will be allotted on First-Come-First-Serve basis. Aspiring candidates are advised to submit the admission form at the earliest for award of desired nearest examination center. Certiport Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an offering to authorized test center for the Information Technology and the professional exams. The official computerized tests are conducted at our premises and students are welcome to register for these tests at the respective websites. With our state-of-the-art facilities, we offer a comfortable testing environment for students who are interested in pursuing studies in the India or other country.

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Why join?

Additional benefits enable our partners to serve our users and the education community.


Share your product knowledge. Deliver comprehensive courses that enable customers to build skills and prepare for certifcation. Distinguish yourself from others and become globally certified.

> Become an Certiport Certified Instructor

Validate your Certiport product skills and improve marketability. Build the knowledge to grow your instructor opportunities in Information Technology, BPO, Service Sector, Accounts and more.

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Benet from day-to-day programme support, instructor development and our student evaluation system.

> Become an Certiport Certified Instructor
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Certiport Certified Instructors are certified professionals, affiliated with Certiport Corporate Partners, and recognized for their product mastery and instructional skills.Certiport Certified Instructors (CCI) have demonstrated instructional and delivery skills. They have the product knowledge needed to meet industry standards and lead courses in an instructional setting. CCI certification badges are issued and validated by reputable organizations that certify the instructor’s badge information is accurate and up-to-date.

Corporate Partners are preferred training providers invested in, and committed to, inspiring learners who want to imagine, design, and create a better world.

To earn an Certiport Certified Instructor (CCI) certification, an instructor must be an Affiliated Instructor with a qualified Corporate Partner:

Certiport Certified Instructors can display their globally recognized Acclaim digital certification badge across websites, social media profiles, and blogs. CCIs can also display the Certiport Corporate Partner logo as defined in the CCP Program Guide.

ACI Program Tiers

Instructors are required to meet minimum program requirements to earn an CCI certification. CCI Instructors who maintain CCI certification continuously, for more than 3-years, will also earn an CCI Tier award. CCI Instructors are required to meet minimum annual requirements to maintain CCI certification at all tier levels.

CCI Tier Earned ACI Maintenance Requirement
SILVER CCI CCI Certification is maintained annually for 1–years
GOLD CCI CCI Certification is maintained annually for 2–years
PLATINUM CCI CCI Certification is maintained annually for 3–years

Certiport Learning Central

Certiport Learning Central (CLC) is Certiport’s hosting platform for instructor development learning content and e-Courses. To complete CCI e-Course requirements, an instructor must create a User Profile, log into Certiport Learning Central, and complete e-Courses hosted on Certiport Learning Central.

Requirements to earn CCI Standard Certification

Requirements to maintain CCI Standard Certification

Requirements to earn CCI Silver, Gold, Platinum Certification

Must be an Affiliated Instructor with an authorized, active Certiport Learning Partner
Active use of Certiport Learning Central instructor development platform
Completion of annual requirements to maintain CCI certification each year for 3-years, 6-years, or 9-years respectively to earn the Silver, Gold, or Platinum CCI Tier